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What is Vault Keepers?

Vault Keepers is a neutral third party company specifically designed to provide safe and secure document storage for all of your end of life wishes.


At the time of the Contract Holder’s passing, all original documents will be sent to the Executor for processing, with copies sent to all other parties listed.

Follow Up

If unable to contact the contracted party for annual updates, we will follow-up with Emergency Contact and/or Executor and/or Beneficiaries listed on Vault Keepers Application.

Annual Reminders

Vault Keepers will contact contract holder annually to confirm/update the information provided on the Vault Keepers application and doc

Don’t settle for less

Why choose Vault Keepers?

Losing a loved one is easily one of the hardest things an individual will ever go through. In addition to grieving a loss, family members and loved ones must locate and execute the estate documents and distribution of personal property. That is when the big question comes,

Where do they find those ORIGINAL documents to properly execute end of life wishes?


A membership with Vault Keepers answers that question. The original wet signed estate plan is maintained in a secure fashion until the time of passing, at which time the original documents are sent to the executor named on the application.

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Price Guarantee

Lifetime Rate Lock

You will never pay more for
your annual contract,
than the price you signed up for.

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maximize your investment

Price Lock Guarantee

For the low price of $2.58 per week, give loved ones peace of mind!

Vault Keepers offers a price lock guarantee for life. The annual rate will never change.

Be sure to ask about our Military and First Responder discounts!

Securing Your Wishes

Why Trust Vault Keepers?

  • No chance of being unable to locate the original, wet signed documents
  • No chance of multiple “original” documents
  • No chance of intentional or unintentional misplacement of documents
  • Changes to wishes after an individual has passed are mitigated to the fullest extent
  • Family and friends do not have to be placed in a possible controversial situation
  • Annual reminders to review documents making sure everything is up to date
  • To date, we have not lost any document maintained by Vault Keepers through natural disaster or ineptitude 
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