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Vault Keepers primary focus is maintaining the integrity of your original, irreplaceable documents. 

All documents are stored in a designated file, inside a safe where they will be protected from water, fire and theft.

Additionally, storing your documents with us eliminates the possibility of misplacing your documents, crumpling them in a drawer, unwanted alterations by unauthorized persons, and more. 

Be sure to ask about our Military and First Responder discounts! 


We Can Do it All

The days of paper boxes stacked to the ceiling with documents are nearly behind us as digital storage options are endless. However, from the day we are born, beyond the day that we die; there will always be a variety of original paper documents required throughout our lives. Keep them safe and in original condition with Vault Keepers. 


Investment Account Documentation, Personal/Business Account Documentation, etc.


End of Life

Documents such as Will and Testament, Trust, Estate Documents, POA, Beneficiary Designations, etc.

Personal Records

Titles, Insurance Papers, Birth Certificates, Diploma, College Transcripts, Degree, etc.


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At Vault Keepers, we will process your initial application within 72 hours*. Upon completion of processing an email will be sent with your file number and annual renewal date. You will be provided a copy of your documents for review and/or changes annually. If at any time you would like to discontinue services with Vault Keepers, simply send a written, notarized request and all Original Documents will be mailed back to the address provided in your cancellation request.


Invoices will be sent annually via your preferred method of contact.

All files not paid within 30 days of the annual renewal date will result in a notification being sent to the Emergency Contact listed on your Application Form. If there is no response within 14 days, a notice will be sent to your named Executor. If there is still no contact within 14 days, all original documents will be sent back to the Contract Holder’s last provided address.

Each year at the time of your annual renewal, your documents will be sent to you for updating at no charge. Any additional update requests throughout the year will be processed at an additional one time fee of $75.00.

Upon death of Contract Holder

Upon receipt of a written request and Original Death Certificate – all original documents will be sent to the Executor listed on the Vault Keepers Application Form. Copies of all original documents will be sent to named Beneficiaries to ensure all involved parties maintain the integrity of your final wishes. 

From Our Founder

The Idea Behind the Company

In August 2018 my father went into the hospital with a fever and a general not feeling well. Things did not improve for him and 3 weeks later he passed away, never leaving the hospital after he initially entered. When he passed, myself along with my step-mother, step-sister, biological sister and my father’s sister were all by his side…………..


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Package starts a $129 per year.
We have a variety of add-on’s to suit your individual needs coming soon!

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